Why You Need A Lawyer to Draft A Will

It may be that you feel that you don’t need a lawyer to draft a will, and in certain instances, you can do it on your own is it’s a simple passing on of property or money to a spouse or family member. That being said, it is wise, and always so, to have the […]

The Process Involved When You Want to Sue Someone

If you find yourself in the position of needing to sue someone, and this is normally the case when you’re trying to recover money that has been loaned, there is a process involved. Here’s what you should do: Get legal advice. If you can afford it, get more than legal advice. Get a lawyer to […]

How Legal Cover Can Protect You as An Employee

Employees should be aware of their rights and should be covered by legal assistance when such help is required. The rights of employees are well documents in the annals of South African law, and it would stand employees in good stead to study them and not be taken by surprise by the actions of an […]

8 Instances Where You Might Need Legal Assistance

Access to legal help is not much of a reality for many South Africans, which is a reason that many of the poor and disadvantaged people find themselves in dire straits when such help is required. There are many legal services that are available for a very low monthly fee, but even these costs are draconian […]